Synopsis :
Rudy (Farid Kamil) and his buddy Brett (Bront Palarae) flee to Kuala Lumpur after their friends, Shah (Mohd Hafiz) and Liza passed away in a road accident and the police are searching for them. In Kuala Lumpur, Rudy is committed to change himself to a better person. Brett introduces him to Lan Ribut (Radhi (OAG)) who bring them to meet an illegal loan shark called Wan Blost, who is also tycoon of illegal motorcycle racing.

Later Rudy got involved in an illegal racing with Garing (Aqasha) but lost and got injured in the end due to dirty tactics by Garing. To make the matter worse Rudy also owes Garing RM10,000. During that period Rudy gets to know Lisa (Intan Ladyana), an accountant in a private firm. Rudy hides himself in Lisa's place while in the process of recovering and both falls in love.

Meanwhile Garing is searching for Rudy to collect his debt and to arrange another race since Rudy's popularity is on the rise on the web page. Rudy insists not to race again but Garing always find a way to make Rudy agrees. Garing then kidnaps Lisa and threatens to rape her if Rudy still refuses to race. Rudy, upon knowing Lisa has been kidnapped by Garing, reluctantly agrees.

Will Rudy defeat Garing during the race and save Lisa's life? This is not an ordinary race as it is also known as 'Race of Death', the race without law and limit. Previously many lives have been lost due to Garing's dirty tactics.

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